MindDB Integration

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I'm using HeidiSQL for PHP developping lately I'm exploring Machine Learing with a new tools called MindsDB that using MySQL as backend.

This tool using SQL inteface for creating and populate ML models, it's works like a proxy. It's export an MYSQL interface for using as input.

Unforntunatly, seems that some table proxy are not inplmented so i can't use HeidiSQL....

The problem is that HeidiSQL trhows an execpiont for "Error SQL (1149)" also if we select as Type of Connection "ProxySQL admin" because it's looking for statistics.

It's possible to prevent HAIDISQL from retreive this info, or alternativelly make a new Type Of connection for MindsDB ?

The Log: SELECT FROM stats_mysql_global; / Errore SQL (1149): No integration specified for table: stats_mysql_global */

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