Import Zip files

[expired user #8165]'s profile image [expired user #8165] posted 10 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink
I would like to have the possibility to import .zip and gz files ,

Is very common to export from phpmyadmin to .zip or gz in order to reduce the download size , but it becomes annoying when you need to import a lot of files , and you need to uncompress first after import into HeidiSQL
jfalch's profile image jfalch posted 10 years ago Permalink
download and install 7-zip from here.
then use the commandline 7z.exe *.* which will unpack all archive files inside a folder, including .zip and .gz . (caveat: has errors when some of the archives contain files of the same name)
RickKukiela's profile image RickKukiela posted 7 months ago Permalink

Damn after 9 years this feature still never got added? This seems like it would be like an hour of dev time and would be a big QOL improvement...

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