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Feature suggestion

Saved snippets are great. So great, that I use tons of them. Now it's difficult to keep them organized, and I've resorted to prefix naming conventions to keep them sorted and myself sane.

It would be great to have HeidiSQL look in subfolders inside C:/ProgramData/HeidiSQL/Snippets (even just one layer of subfolders) and show those in the Snippets area of the Query sidebar.

Thanks, and keep up the great work.
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+1 from me.

would be VERY useful.

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+1 Would be better for oragnization

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Hi, I know this is old, but it's something that would help and a lot, I use the tool myself, but for the following databases: SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL. If we have the option to organize them by folders, inside Snippet, it would be really nice.


Olá, eu sei que isto é antigo, mas é algo que ajudaria e muito, eu mesmo, utilizo a ferramenta, mas para os seguintes bancos de dados: SQL Server, MySQL e o PostgreSQL. Se tivermos a opção de organizá-los por pastas, dentro de Recortes, seria muito bom.

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