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Snippet subfolders

jakebathman's profile image jakebathman posted 5 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink
Feature suggestion

Saved snippets are great. So great, that I use tons of them. Now it's difficult to keep them organized, and I've resorted to prefix naming conventions to keep them sorted and myself sane.

It would be great to have HeidiSQL look in subfolders inside C:/ProgramData/HeidiSQL/Snippets (even just one layer of subfolders) and show those in the Snippets area of the Query sidebar.

Thanks, and keep up the great work.
bitseeker's profile image bitseeker posted 3 years ago Permalink

+1 from me.

would be VERY useful.

tuga74's profile image tuga74 posted 6 days ago Permalink

+1 Would be better for oragnization

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