New HeidiSQL release: 3.0 RC4

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 17 years ago in Anouncements Permalink
Hi folks,

We just released the new version 3.0 RC4:

This release fixes tons of bugs we and our users found and posted to our tracker. Some of the most important new things are:
- Say goodbye to the old MDI-interface. This means you now have one main-window containing exactly 0 or 1 child-window. This helps keeping the overview. Users can group all HeidiSQL-windows by using the Taskbar-grouping-feature in Windows.
- Basic multithreading code for query-execution added.
- Code completion in Query-editor, including MySQL-functions, keywords, database-. tables- and column-names.
- Fixed all escaping bugs
- SQL-help window, which can be called by pressing F1
- countless enhancements and bugfixes:

But see yourself:


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