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[expired user #7461]'s profile image [expired user #7461] posted 10 years ago in Running SQL scripts Permalink
I always got this error:
SQL Error (0): Query timeout expired.

The client is connected to SQL server. The timeout in SQL server is enough.

How can I fix it?
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Just update to the latest build, and you will get a new "Query timeout" setting in the session manager's "Advanced" tab:
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mark_b's profile image mark_b posted 1 year ago Permalink

I know this is a super old thread but it seems the one that is best for me to ask via for others to find the answer.

Can I set the timeout via the command line ?

It look like I cant from the help - if not any chance of adding this as a command line parameter ?

mark_b's profile image mark_b posted 1 year ago Permalink

I have worked out a way around this - I use the portable mode for HeidiSQL so I edit the portable_settings.txt and save this with the correct host to connect to as part of the config of a session and then launch HeidiSQL with the parameter --description=<SESSION NAME>. I just edit the same session each time so I only need 1 session with the longer timeout. Bit of a hack but it works :-)

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