New HeidiSQL release: 3.0 RC1

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Hi folks,

Just released the new version 3.0 RC1:

In this last release before starting my family-holidays we have some important bugfixes as well es some new features, requested by some (mostly anonymous) users on the sourceforge-tracker. Here are the most important ones:

- Hostname instead of password in dbtree
- On switching to another table in the data-browser, the current filter now is set empty, in order to avoid a wrong WHERE-clause
- Access violation on startup removed, when WinXP-theming was active
- Rightclick on columns in tablelist popups a new menu. The column-layout can be set to your own favorites now.
- Data-tabsheet now has a search-box above the grid. A value in this box generates a simple LIKE-statement for all available columns in the current table
- Data in Query-tabsheet is now writable - at least for simple queries.
- Restored old export-functions (CSV, HTML, XML)
- Export Tables: Extended Insert for data!
- Export tables: added combobox for target version compatibility (currently this makes only a difference in CREATE TABLE statements, where TYPE= will be replaced by ENGINE= for MySQL 5.1
- Data-browser: WHERE-clauses and ORDER-clauses are cached in registry on a server.database.table-basis, so that each time you switch to a table in browsing mode, the last defined filter for this partiucular table is again applied.

The complete change-log can be found here:


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