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Do I have to totally uninstall MySQL to install HSQL

ozstar's profile image ozstar posted 5 years ago in Installation Permalink

It the moment I am using MySQL 5.5 and was wondering before I install HeidiSQL do I have to actually uninstall MySQL or can O just stop the service running.

I am using XP.

I am not hi-tech but looking forward to trying it out, I see and hear good things about it.


jfalch's profile image jfalch posted 5 years ago Permalink
Neither uninstall nor stop service. heidisql is a mysql client that is used to access a mysql server; so, without a running server, there will be nothing to connect to from heidisql.
simply leave the server running, and enter its host name, user name (root?) and assigned password into heidisql´s session manager.

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