Connecting to Redshift (which speaks Postgres)

sdr984 posted 5 years ago in Creating a connection
Redshift recommends using SQL Workbench/J with the Postgres driver to connect. This works fine, but SQL Workbench/J is way behind HeidiSQL. (see

Since the nightly builds now support Postgres, it seems that I should be able to connect to Redshift with HeidiSQL.

When I try to connect I get the following error:

FATAL: database "postgres" does not exist

Has anyone successfully connected to Redshift with HeidiSQL? If so how did you accomplish that?
sdr984 posted 5 years ago
I was able to make a connection doing the following. It seems that once I'm connected, it doesn't play quite as nice as MySQL connections do.

So from the HeidiSQL session manager:
NETWORK TYPE: postgres
USERNAME: your username
PASSWORD: your password
PORT: 5439
DATABASE: In the tutorial a database name is not specified during the creation process.
If you have not specified a Database name Redshift will create a "dev" database by default so you must specify that here.
A good way of finding out is by viewing the "JDBC URL:" in the redshift console, the default DB will be listed after the port number in the jdbc URL, as you can see the dev DB is listed below.

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