Can't connect to specific PostgreSQL database using command line switch

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I'm trying to integrate HeidiSQL portable to my mRemoteNG setup. When I connect using SSH in mRemoteNG, I also create multiple tunnels that I use to connect all my management tools.

So far, HeidiSQL connects to the desired PostgreSQL database without a problem when launched independently from the Session Manager:

...but when I try to integrate it as an External Tool to mRemoteNG, I'm still able to establish a connection but I'm not getting the database/table:

Since I'm able to connect to the server, I tried different switch syntax to have access to my database, but so far I only get the same result over and over. Here are a few of my attempts (all of them at least achieved a connection):

With mRemoteNG variables
heidisql.exe --nettype=8 --host=localhost --port=%Port% --user=%UserName% --password=%Password% --database=%UserField%
heidisql.exe --nettype=8 --host=localhost --port=%Port% --user=%UserName% --password=%Password% --database=myDatabase
heidisql.exe --nettype=8 --host=localhost --port=%Port% --user=%UserName% --password=%Password% --database="myDatabase"
heidisql.exe --nettype=8 --host=localhost --port=%Port% --user=%UserName% --password=%Password% -D=myDatabase
heidisql.exe --nettype=8 --host=localhost --port=%Port% --user=%UserName% --password=%Password% -D myDatabase
heidisql.exe --nettype=8 --host=localhost --port=%Port% --user=%UserName% --password=%Password% -D"myDatabase"
heidisql.exe --nettype=8 --host=localhost --port=%Port% --user=%UserName% --password=%Password% --dbname=myDatabase
heidisql.exe --nettype=8 --host=localhost --port=%Port% --user=%UserName% --password=%Password% --dbname="myDatabase"
heidisql.exe --nettype=8 --host=localhost --port=%Port% --user=%UserName% --password=%Password% --dbname myDatabase

I understand it could probably be done with session names, but I'm trying to keep all my connection data in mRemoteNG. HeidiSQL being so awesome, I feel like I'm just one connection string away from server management Nirvana.

Many thanks in advance :)
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have you found solution? I need it too :)

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