Current Connection: Is there an indicator on the GUI of my connection type and if secure?

dbb posted 2 years ago in Creating a connection

Hi there;

I've been trying the portable version for a few weeks now and I'm beginning to like it. (Coming from Portable LibreOffice Base using MySQL direct connect).

I can't find for the life of me on the software any indication that my connection is indeed SSH secure. I figure it is - being that if the SSH tunnel fields are completed and I connect w/o errors - it must be, but I have now way of verifying for sure (and I'm transferring private data). Poked around in all the GUI features but can't find anything that indicates "Connection Type Status".

If this feature is not available (hard to believe), PLEASE INTEGRATE THIS SUGGESTION (as Putty, WinSSCP, and many others show on the "status bar" & on "connection details")

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dbb posted 2 years ago

Addendum: I also find no SSH status from mouse-hovering over the bottom MySQL status icon

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ansgar posted 2 years ago

Yes, confirmed. Would it be sufficient if I add the network type of the current session in that mouse-over tooltip? For example "Network type: MySQL (SSH tunnel)"

dbb posted 2 years ago

I would just add the (browser style) padlock icon just stating the SSH-# and let them click on it for a popup with more info (see my winSCP attachment).

I take on you're the developer?

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dbb posted 2 years ago

..or tooltip as you suggested if easier.

ansgar posted 2 years ago

Added to the tooltip in r5090.

Yes, I am the developer of Heidi.

dbb posted 2 years ago

Just upgraded (portable upgraded smoothly in-place!) and I see that added note in the TT.

I think the paddock icon idea would be best when you have the time: shown locked for SSH or SSL, shown unlocked for un-encrypted plaintext to promote security.

Thank you for taking quick action;


PS: I may have found a bug. Being unrelated, will LYK in a fresh post.

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