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ansgar posted 2 years ago in News

For various security reasons, and due to the login page on I have just created and set up an SSL certificate here. Of course there is also Google who says that they downrank pages with an unsecured login-page. Well, they're right (in this particular point).

Thanks to the forum user Cyann for precise information.

mlocati posted 2 years ago


PS: do you know Let's Encrypt? It's a big open source project (sponsored for instance by Mozilla and Cisco) that allows you to have HTTPS certificates for free

ansgar posted 2 years ago

No. I bought a cheap certificate for ~30€ a year from the hosting provider where lives. The provider is also listed under "No planned support", so I would have to install the certificate manually. Well, I'm happy to have it running, so the 30€ don't really matter.

head posted 2 years ago

30 for one year? I think you have enough time to move to Let's Encrypt or any free alternative (maybe StartSSL/WoSign became trusted again, for example). Just to avoid further payments.

head posted 2 years ago

"The provider is also listed under "No planned support"" In case of VPS you can ignore that. VPS may cost ~6€/month, check Contabo (500Gb HDD is nice though) for example.

internetocean posted 2 years ago

The source code still contains APPDOMAIN = 'http:// so donators’ e-mail addresses are sent in plain text over the web (CheckWebpage.URL := APPDOMAIN + 'hasdonated.php?email='+EncodeURLParam(Email);).

endo64 posted 1 year ago

Consider using or for free SSL certificates. I use them for production.

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