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ajarnneil posted 2 years ago in Installation

Hi there,

A friend has asked me to install wordpress on her hosting account using HeidiSQL. The problem is I am not familiar with this style of web hosting.

I have looked through the help files and searched this forum but have been unable to find some simple instructions on how to install wordpress.

I am able to connect using the installer - screen copy attached - but need to know how to install wordpress.

Some advice appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

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ansgar posted 2 years ago

WordPress is not installed via HeidiSQL. You need to call the root directory of the WordPress files via web browser, and go through the install process.

ajarnneil posted 2 years ago

Thanks the reply ansgar, but I'm still confused. Normally I use hosting accounts that are more visual- simply click on Wordpress and install it.

When you say install Wordpress via the web browser and call it from the root, which URL do I go to do this ? and where are the installation files ?

ansgar posted 2 years ago

You can download the sources from, unzip it into your hosted directory, upload it via FTP or SFTP, then use your web browser to access the domain where you have uploaded the files.

ajarnneil posted 2 years ago

Thanks, that worked after getting the correct permissions on the database.

alexmorco posted 6 months ago

I have moved to Cloudways managed WordPress hosting service and migrated my website through migration plugin and it transferred in minutes without fixing anything technically. You can use both with Cloudways.

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