Moving to GitHub

ansgar posted 2 weeks ago in News

Move to GitHub

HeidiSQL sources have just moved from Sourceforge to GitHub. Thanks to Per for creating the HeidiSQL project family / organization there.

Importing the repository from Sourceforge was done via GitHub importer. Unfortunately, the importer did not yet support issue importing from Sourceforge, so we start at zero here. Well, this is probably a chance to make a more clean start than it was when moving from GoogleCode to Sourceforge.

The last 3 nightly builds are already pulled from Github, so I think I got it working now.

Code sign certificate expired

You may have probably noticed that the latest builds no longer have an AuthentiCode certificate for code signing, which is why Windows 8 and 10 display a fat warning message after downloading a build via web browser. I have to renew the certificate each year, but this year the old provider wanted me to buy some expensive smartcard hardware additionally to the certificate.

A code sign certificate at ksoftware.net required me to be listed on dnb.com, which I am not. Letsencrypt.org does not yet suppoprt code signing certificates. So I'm currently without any alternative. Feel free to post alternatives here.

igitur posted 2 weeks ago


md2perpe posted 2 weeks ago

Several years ago I started mirroring the Subversion repository onto GitHub. I also created an "organization" to collect some clones I found: https://github.com/HeidiSQL

Unfortunately I haven't had the interest and energy to continue keeping the mirror up-to-date, but now as Ansgar has moved his code to GitHub, I have given him an owner role to the organization.

marianne posted 1 week ago

Moving HeidiSQL sources from sourceforge to GitHub makes it more accessible for developers.

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