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ansgar posted 2 months ago in News

The latest nightly builds of HeidiSQL have support for themes, and some quite nice themes included.

image description

If you'd like to have a dark theme for example, feel free to update to the latest build. After starting HeidiSQL, you can select a theme under Tools > Preferences > General. For fitting colors in the SQL editors, there are two new color presets - one for dark themes, and the old default preset for light themes.


phiter posted 2 months ago

This is fantastic! Been waiting for this for years now!

I'm running this on Ubuntu 18.10 with Wine, and the dark themes look quite nice.

I hope we'll have better support for theming in the future, and maybe a native linux application.

Thanks for the update :)

yucikala posted 2 months ago

Super. On win 7 I have a troubl in dark theme. After a while (I use MSSQL and MySql active connection) Heidy freeze. See attachemnt. Only restart (kill processs) Heidi help.

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ansgar posted 2 months ago

Is that freezing reproducible, so it happened more than once?

yucikala posted 2 months ago

Yes. I dont know what to do, what ever when I work for an hour or half hour, it is. It looks like suddenty some parts of app are at "standard" them and some not. If you know, where the button is, you can work.You only not see an text at buttons and menu. And headers at grid are mismashed...

ansgar posted 2 months ago

Could you also watch out whether heidisql.exe consumes much more memory than usual, via task manager?

yucikala posted 2 months ago

No. Only I can see, that after that you can use buttons, not icons (100% delete row icon) or close. I have always data window opened with data.

yucikala posted 2 months ago

With window theme is all ok.

daugaard47 posted 2 months ago

Love the new theme option! What is the name of the theme you are using in your post at the top of this thread? Thanks!

yucikala posted 2 months ago

Windows10 Dark

ansgar posted 2 months ago

That was the "Carbon" theme.

yucikala posted 2 months ago

Yes - the dark theme. What ever very often this theme freeze... (see attachment above)

booch posted 2 months ago

Thanks so much! I've been waiting and hoping for theme support to help with eye strain. Beautiful!

yucikala posted 2 months ago

Windows10 SlateGray - table size is not readable - see attachment

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yucikala posted 2 months ago

the same - see attachment. Windows 10 Dark.

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ansgar posted 2 months ago

You can select a different color for these otherwise green bars, in Tools > Preferences > General.

I should probably use clInfoBk as a default color here, which is then theme dependent. But as soon as the user sets a different color for the bars, he's alone responsible for such issues.

ansgar posted 2 months ago

The next nightly build uses a variation of the cell color, just a bit darker. This should make it compatible to all themes.

Charlie posted 1 month ago

Is it included in portable version ? I can't find it ?

ansgar posted 1 month ago

The portable version on the download page is from the official last release, so it doesn't yet have themes. But you can use the auto-updater in Help > Check for updates to get it.

Charlie posted 1 month ago

Amazing, thanks!

just a little thing, how can I change font color in left bar, in size text ?

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ansgar posted 1 month ago

You can't - this is yet hardcoded in HeidiSQL. I should change this to leave it at the default color, or?

ansgar posted 1 month ago

Just changed that hardcoded color into the system/theme color for dimmed text. Hopefully compatible / readable on dark themes.

Charlie posted 4 weeks ago

Awesome ! Just a last thing, the auto increment label is dark blue and doesn't seem to be customizable...

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ansgar posted 4 weeks ago

I just changed that, so this flag uses the INTEGER type color, which is customizable.

Also, I am trying to find a reasonable approach to switch between light and dark data type colors after switching between a dark and a light theme. I have no idea how to make these color selecting less annoying to the user.

Charlie posted 4 weeks ago

Why don't you force colors to change with the theme ? You could include text colors inside themes, and/or offer the possibility to switch between text colors themes.

Maybe you could use some popular themes here :

For example, I personnaly love Material Theme here:

Material Theme colors are:
















I found these colors with this nice tool:

Charlie posted 4 weeks ago

Sorry for big headings, I didn't expect markdown and it seems I can't edit my post... Better like this:
















ansgar posted 3 weeks ago

Ideas for theme text colors can go to issue #425

ansgar posted 2 weeks ago

Thanks to Charlie for the "Material" theme!

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