Restore your query tabs automatically

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 years ago in News Permalink

Since a few nightly builds, your query tabs are now stored automatically. This means the code in them is back again when you restart HeidiSQL, without the need to select one or more files for each tab.

This was one of the most wanted features from many users, and now I heard you - finally :) Read about the progress of this conveniance feature on GitHub.

By default, the old „ask to save contents“ dialog is still activated, but now tells you about the uselessness of it, when you exit HeidiSQL:

HeidiSQL asks to save your unsaved code

You can disable or enable these settings in the new „Files“ tab on the Preferences dialog:

How to enable or disable this feature

johnf's profile image johnf posted 4 years ago Permalink

Broken in Windows Store version.

fadster's profile image fadster posted 4 years ago Permalink

This doesn't work at all ( 64 bit). I closed a session with a bunch of query tabs and when I reconnected, nothing happened. The previously opened tabs were not reopened and their contents was lost.

fadster's profile image fadster posted 4 years ago Permalink

More precisely, it seems the application gets confused with multiple sessions. I sometimes get nothing when I reconnect and sometimes get query tabs belonging to another session.

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