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New Release: HeidiSQL Portable Launcher

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 12 years ago in Anouncements Permalink
Bruno Pasin has developped a small application which enables you to run HeidiSQL from portable/removable devices like USB sticks. It mainly takes care of the non-existing registry entries like session parameters and general settings. It even lives in harmony with an existing HeidiSQL installation and does not touch your existing settings. The launcher is released as Open Source, just as HeidiSQL itself.

The HeidiSQL 3.0 Portable Launcher 1.0 can be downloaded here:
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 10 years ago Permalink
Please notice the new 5.0 portable on the download page.
Code modification/commit ffb6170 from Ansgar Becker <>, 3 weeks ago, revision 5728
Fix definition of PostgreSQL Oid from Integer to Cardinal, as it is in postgres_ext.h . Should fix negative Oids in TPGQuery.TableName. See

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