HeidiSQL 11.0 with SQLite support

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Grab it from the download page

New features and enhancements in this version:

  • Support connecting to SQLite database files
  • drop schema support for PostgreSQL
  • support foreign keys in PostgreSQL
  • support foreign keys in MS SQL
  • read-only mode for grid cell editors, if underlying query or table does not allow updates
  • support scram-sha-256 authentication on PostgreSQL
  • enhanced readability of release notes
  • enhanced readability of help links with dark themes
  • support column comments of PostgreSQL
  • support disabling "Full table status" on PostgreSQL
  • new filter edit box on session manager, for filtering sessions using regular expressions
  • close query tabs via middle mouse click
  • trim text in various text inputs of session manager, to prevent leading and trailing spaces after pasting
  • sort collation drop down on "Bulk table editor" alphabetically
  • place icons on the 3 new/save/delete buttons on the session manager, to make them more noticeable
  • performance: use first 1000 rows only for calculating the CSV export size, and interpolate the rest.
  • widen buttons on search/replace dialog by one quarter, so translations fit better on them
  • use default library of given network type in command line receiver
  • refreshed application icon


  • fix crashes when restoring tabs: expect no UTF-8 BOM
  • Procedure body changes invisible when parameter tab is active
  • last active session was no longer scrolled into view area of session manager
  • crash when mouse moves over data grid with broken connection
  • clicking too fast on session folder opens connection instead of collapse
  • passphrase input for SSH tunnel now masked
  • detect columns from PG table keys only in current schema, do not mix these with columns from an equally named table in a different schema
  • fix crash when accessing data from data tab on a disconnected session
  • fix crash when active main tab changes and data grid is disabled (due to disconnect)
  • make copy/cut safer against harmless crashes, and show occurring error messages in log panel
  • MSSQL: Remove surrounding parentheses from default value
  • fix state of checkboxes on the session manager's Advanced tab
  • fix crash by click on "Add column" in table editor, when columns list has a minimum height

Third party libraries and components:

  • update libmariadb.dll to v3.1.7
  • update libpq.dll to v10.0.11
  • introduce additional libpq.dll v12.0.1
  • update InnoSetup compiler to v6.0.3
  • update VirtualTree component to v7.3
  • introduce sqlite3.dll v3.30.1

Complete change list: https://github.com/HeidiSQL/HeidiSQL/milestone/4?closed=1

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awesome...one step more to ms sql compliant..great job!!!

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Is there an ability to create a new sqlite3 database from within heidi?

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Yes, you can create a new session with a non existent database file. HeidiSQL will just create it when you connect to it.

Also, in a connected session, you can click "Attach database", and point to a not yet existing filename: Description

Same here: HeidiSQL will just create that file.

Note that a new SQLite database file is just an empty file.

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I cannot set a password the SQLite database, it is encrypted

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Yes, HeidiSQL does not yet support authentication for a SQLite database. Adding support for a login will require changes to HeidiSQL itself, and probably a different sqlite3.dll than the one shipped with Heidi.

I just read about authentication on sqlite.org and ran some tests here, but it seems sqlite3.dll does not provide the required sqlite3_user_authenticate interface.

Feel free to shed some light on SQLite authentication here.

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@coolcurrent I got a hint with precompiled binaries containing that sqlite3_user_authenticate on https://github.com/utelle/SQLite3MultipleCiphers

If you file a feature request, I will have a look how to implement that authentication.

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Update: The newest HeidiSQL build now supports encrypted SQLite databases. See issue #1284.


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