HeidiSQL 11.2 with support for check constraints and CSV layout detection

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3rd party updates:

New features and enhancements in this version:

  • New CSV layout detection for "Import text file" dialog (select <New table>)
  • Support for table level check constraints on MariaDB
  • New "Rename tab" context menu for query tabs
  • New "CREATE code" tab in view editor
  • Tab restore feature:
    • Gracefully re-create folder if query tab file and its folder was deleted from outside
    • restore scroll position
    • restore active query tab
  • Grid export:
    • Convert "Copy rows" context menu item to a submenu, and provide all export formats, with icons
    • Support custom hotkeys for each of these grid export actions
  • SQL export:
    • Prevent "Variable 'sql_notes' can't be set to the value of 'NULL'", via IFNULL() wrap
    • Speed up data exports of large MS SQL tables, by introducing ORDER BY .. OFFSET .. FETCH clauses in SELECT's
    • Limit rows per exported INSERT to 1000 for MSSQL.
    • Auto-create directory path of output file
  • Support shortcut Ctrl+F for focus on filter edit on session manager
  • Data grid: Prefer SUBSTR() over LEFT() function, unsupported in old PostgreSQL versions
  • Support regproc and jsonb column types on PostgreSQL
  • Support binary values in "More values" quick filter menu
  • Restore minimized main window when user attempts to start a second HeidiSQL process in single-instance mode
  • Apply data type colors to column names in completion proposal
  • Widen status bar panels for big screens
  • Shortcut settings: Prompt user for overwriting an existing shortcut


  • Fix various crash reports uploaded by users via exception dialog
  • Accept any whitespace after double-minus comment in MySQL/MariaDB mode
  • Add UTF-8 BOM in Excel output only in file-mode, not in copy-mode.
  • Fix grid search/replace with scope=selection
  • Enable MYSQL_OPT_LOCAL_INFILE, seems still required on some systems for importing local CSV files
  • Fix invalid enabled state of "Explain current query" action
  • Re-add CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function, removed accidentally in last update
  • Fix cleared highlighter's TableNames list in irrelevant events
  • Fix empty library drop-down after changing network type for the first selected session.
  • Fix wrongly parsed ON UPDATE clause of columns when information_schema is hidden by session setting
  • Enable cancel button after setting grid cell to NULL

Complete change list: https://github.com/HeidiSQL/HeidiSQL/milestone/6?closed=1

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Thank you for the check constraint interface! Just upgraded to MariaDB 10.2, perfect timing :)

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