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HeidiSQL 12.2 with JSON and XML reformatters, and customizable highlighters

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3rd party updates:

  • Update SQLite libraries to v3.39.4 from 2022-09-29

New stuff:

  • Issue #1536: auto-resize height of data grid filter while user types text in it
  • Issue #1691: make timer interval for auto completion proposal configurable, while keeping 500ms as a default value.
  • Allow integers and floats to be entered in hexadecimal format in grids. Basically means they're not wrapped in quotes now. See
  • After restoring query tabs, warn user about tabs which were loading slow
  • Add preference option for adding timestamp to log messages. Helpful for debugging performance issues.
  • Issue #136: use VerySimpleXML v3-beta from to reformat XML in grid cells. Also, auto-disable slow wordwrap in editor if text is > 1M large
  • Issue #1659: create dialog for customizing highlighter colors and style, for use on grid text editor
  • Highlight occurrences of selected text in grid text editor, same as in query editor
  • Issue #1669: turn customize-highlighter button into dropdown button with additional items "Format code once" and "Always format code". Usable for SQL, JSON and XML.

Bugfixes and enhancements:

  • CSV scanner: lowercase name of table and columns, and unify non-word characters to underscore
  • Fix crash when scanning CSV file with more values in data than in header line. Closes #1698
  • Fix trailing linebreak counted to last column name in first CSV line
  • Fix wrong finish message in log result, when doing something different than an export. See
  • Issue #1700: exactify positions of line breaks in auto-filter on data grid, to prevent sporadically too long lines
  • Issue #1616; Fix broken updater code and binaries, by fixing wrong parameter definition of WindowProc and wrong type cast in a SendMessage() call
  • Issue #1616: revert previous modifications on updater binaries, which now do nothing and don't trigger the WM_SHOWWINDOW message
  • Issue #1695: attempt to fix a check for a named session before storing the currently used database name
  • Prefer CopyFile + DeleteFile over MoveFile, in a second place, where the old binary is backup'd. See issue #1616
  • Add log message after finished export, to make it more noticeable the user has control again. See
  • SSH tunnel: process error pipe contents only if std pipe is empty. See
  • Allow hex values to have an odd number of digits. See
  • Issue #1673, #1351 and #1658: use a general approach in TDBQuery.HasFullData for all server types, where we again use Delphi's Length() against a number range of 128..256.
  • Fix text value in popup editor cut to 256 chars, for all modes other than MySQL. Closes #1673
  • Issue #1652: don't add collation clause to a modified or new JSON column
  • Update readme file: add Interbase/Firebird, require Delphi 11.1, code formatting
  • Purge cached columns, indexes etc. and reinitialize table editor, when user presses refresh button. Closes #1628
  • Issue #1669: turn off always-format setting by default
  • Issue #1670: fix text field editing with more than 256 chars on MS SQL
  • Add missing ini entries for CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function. Closes #1666
  • Use empty default host/ip for new SQLite sessions, to avoid running into some out-of-memory issue. Closes #1602
  • Fix previous approach in TDBQuery.HasFullData and StrHasNumChars, which used CharNextW() and stopped at null bytes within binary strings. Again use Length() instead, but let it be longer than GRIDMAXDATA. Closes #1658
  • Issue #1659: remove broken sample text box, activate translation on dialog
  • Issue #1659: fix exception on closing customize dialog, use empty string when converting clNone to and from web color, instead of #ffffff
  • Issue #1656: attempt to give Wine a hint for the right font size, when highlighting selection occurrences
  • Use NULL in new row for column with timestamp expression, to fix a following UPDATE query using an empty string in its WHERE clause. Closes #1645
  • Leave away NULL clause for new column which allows NULLs. Closes #1642



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Ads were blocked - no problem. But keep in mind that developing HeidiSQL, user support and hosting takes time and money. You may want to send a donation instead.