HeidiSQL 12.6 with two new SQL formatters and static grid row id

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Get it from the download page

3rd party updates:

New stuff:

Bugfixes and enhancements:

  • Issue #1863: Fixes compatibility to Wine v8.18 again, and probably to more versions
  • Grayscale icons on non-active tabs, for a clearer user interface (see screenshot)
  • Separate double-click and middle-click options for closing tabs (see screenshot)
  • Issue #1795: remove menu items and code for explain analyzer on https://mariadb.org, which is no longer available
  • Issue #1854: fixes incorrect table name used in grid updates when comment with valid query exists
  • Issue #279: Support serial columns in PosgreSQL, which is different from auto_increment on MySQL
  • Issue #872: fix crash when opening a table with columns defined as INVISIBLE, and ensure such columns are selected and visible in the data grid
  • Translation fixes: remove various unused strings, fix some wrong spelled strings, add some missing strings
  • Issue #1850: too short text in popup text editor, when field contains high UTF-8 characters like emojis
  • Add missing PMYSQL_LENGTHS type, and use this for the result of mysql_fetch_lengths(). Fixes an issue broken since 2009 (!)
  • Issue #1640: Fix crash in MouseUp event of query tab close button, by closing/freeing the tab and button through a timer event
  • Issue #752: Fix SQL export on MySQL 8, overwriting view helper tables caused "xyz is not view"
  • Keyboard shortcuts: allow the user to accept duplicate assignments per ignore button. (see screenshot)
  • Issue #1826: Fix ON UPDATE part of DEFAULT clause with no parentheses on MySQL 8, which are required only for the initial DEFAULT value.
  • Fixes numerous different crashes, found in uploaded crash reports. Thanks to all users reporting these:
    • Fix crash after following a foreign key value
    • Fix sporadic crash "Cannot make a visible window modal" in search/replace dialog
    • Fix crash in various places where we just try to get the current clipboard text
    • CSV scanner: fix crash when selected filename cannot be opened
    • Fix sporadic crashes in various calls to [TWinControl].SetFocus, with the new class helper .TrySetFocus
    • Fix crash in highlighter customizer, as long as no attribute is selected
    • Silence a popular crash in DBtreeFocusChanged, when trying to detect whether the user clicked into a different session
    • Fix EAccessViolation in TMainForm.DBtreeFocusChanged:124
    • Fix crash when trying to stop current query and the helper connection cannot connect for some reason.
    • Silence sporadic EAccessViolation in DBtreeBeforeCellPaint, when reading DbObj.Connection.Parameters
    • Fix EAccessViolation in TDBObject.GetImageIndex:6
    • Fix EAccessViolation in TMainForm.DBtreeGetText:12
    • Catch different EInOutError exception happening in rare cases of ForceDirectories()
    • Fix EAccessViolation in TMainForm.AnyGridGetText:5
    • Fix crash when user clicks Help button on maintenance dialog, in a non-MySQL session
    • Catch additional EReadError crash in RunQueryFile
    • Fix crash in printer dialog, when printer is somehow not available
    • Fix crash after reconnect, when query helpers functions are exapanded
    • MSSQL: Catch OLE exception when provider names cannot be listed
    • Fix crash in TMainForm.DBtreeGetText happening while connecting through SSH tunnel
    • Fix sporadic crash with focused Host tab while connecting to another session
    • Warn the user about potential data loss when loading a (csv) file with encoding set to "auto-detect".
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Thank you ansgar a good Reformat SQl was really missing

The 2ยบ option is the best for me.

Will you be able to embed it in the code ?

I use Heidi in some installation where I cannot acces intern, only a site sto site vpn so the

online reformatter will not work.


ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 6 months ago Permalink

I'm afraid I don't see a reasonable way for converting the online reformatter to an offline tool. The second option is based on a 3rd party PHP tool, which I am just hosting here on heidisql.com. There are some ways to pack a PHP script into a Windows executable, but none of them is really straight forward.

You could probably set it up in a webserver on your site, and change the IP of heidisql.com via hosts file. But that also would break updates and other things, and it would be much effort for you.

lotiara's profile image lotiara posted 6 months ago Permalink

Don't worry ansgar I istalled VSCode with a good extenson for thir purpose.

bitseeker's profile image bitseeker posted 2 months ago Permalink

Hi Ansgar,

how is it possible to choose a default SQL Formater? Right now, i have to choose which formater to use, everytime i hit F12. Very annoying.


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