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Kostas's profile image Kostas posted 2 months ago in Creating a connection Permalink

Hello everyone, I copied the Firebird.dll, msvcp100.dll and msvcr100.dll into the HeidiSQL installation directory. The connection parameters are as shown in the picture. Unfortunately the connection cannot be established. Does somebody has any idea?

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Did you also try the "local" network type of Firebird? The screenshot shows the TCP/IP type.

Kostas's profile image Kostas posted 2 months ago Permalink

I also happen to have a Firebird instance running locally on this machine. Unfortunately I get the same error.

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André's profile image André posted 1 month ago Permalink

Hi Kostas,

In firebird 2.5 :

  • i've copied fbclient.dll and gds32.dll to the HeidiSQL directory.

  • choose gds32.dll as library

  • put alias name (defined in aliases.conf) in database field

Don't know if this can help you ?

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wlodekh's profile image wlodekh posted 1 month ago Permalink

Connection to the database works on the library gds32.dll, unfortunately HeidiSQL reads the column data format incorrectly:

printscreen from DatabaseNet, "TEMP" is NUMERIC, printscreen from HeidiSQL, "TEMP" is INTEGER

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