HeidiSQL 5.1 stable released

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 14 years ago in Anouncements Permalink
This is a maintenance release which fixes some remaining bugs in the 5.0 version. Also, the 5.1 release introduces some new features:

* New feature: Editor for scheduled events on MySQL 5.1+ servers
* New feature: "Databases" sub tab on "Host" tab. Displays number or tables, procedures etc of each db, plus the last update date and default collation.
* New feature: When editing contents of a InnoDB table which has a foreign key, the relevant cell displays a lookup pulldown menu with the first available text column of the foreign table
* New feature: Call stored procedures and functions from context menu. Parameter input is prompted.
* Bugfix: Startup errors on multi-monitor set ups, reading some non existant registry value.
* Bugfix: Startup errors in portable mode ("List index out of bounds")
* Bugfix: Quote collation value in table editor, so "binary" does not cause SQL errors
* Bugfix: Reset selection of database objects in table tools dialog when opening the dialog for the second time
* Enhancement: More settings for SSH tunnel (SSH host, port, key file)
* Bugfix: Exit plink.exe when MySQL login was unsuccessful

A complete changelog can be found at Google Code.

Grab it
[expired user #4842]'s profile image [expired user #4842] posted 14 years ago Permalink
after the istall of 5.1, in the top of the window I see still 5.0.xxxx version; but in the updating form repor 5.1.xxxx version
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 14 years ago Permalink
Ups, yes that's a cosmetic bug. Please ignore that :)
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 14 years ago Permalink
If you update to the latest build now, the version number will be "5.1". Thanks for the hint btw.
kalvaro's profile image kalvaro posted 14 years ago Permalink
You refer to snapshots, don't you? I've downloaded 5.1 again and it still identifies itself as 5.0.
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 14 years ago Permalink
Yes, by "latest builds" I meant the "snapshots" - however, I'll stick to call them "latest builds" to have one single phrase to avoid confusion.

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