Can't Connect error 1042

Ragoczny posted 6 years ago in Creating a connection

I'm trying to access my database remotely from my computer but keep getting error 1042 i tried to configure my router to let the port 3306 through but no luck as well tried to add exception to firewall but still no luck there.

please help

kalvaro posted 6 years ago
Do you mean Can't get hostname for your address?


(Please don't strip error messages, the the information provided is always relevant.)

That's a server error so you are actually communicating with the MySQL server. You normally need to configure your router for incomming connections.

I'm not familiar with the error but it suggests that the server is configued to obtain the DNS name of clients but your router's public IP address does not have a valid matching hostname, e.g.:

C:\>nslookup xx.xx.xx.xx

... does not return a name. If you control the MySQL server, you can change its settings as explained at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5118151/mysql-error-cant-get-hostname-from-your-ip-address-whats-the-problem
Ragoczny posted 6 years ago
Thank you so much the links really helped a lot

i was stuck for the longest time thank you again


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