Multiple result tabs for multiple queries

Ash501 posted 7 years ago in Running SQL scripts
Is there a way to run various queries and be able to see the results in many tabs bellow. So far can only see one result from a query at a time!

It seems like it is there somewhere...just can't find it...feels like I'm missing something obvious...

Can anyone help me find this feature? - Thanks!
Ash501 posted 7 years ago
I see there is a possibility for query tabs...just not bellow...I get that...

Just would like to see different queries opened at the same time, lined up next to each other...

Is that possible?
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Yes, a result tabs is opened for each result-query, up to a configurable maximum which is by default 10. Just do it - run multiple commands in one go:
Ash501 posted 7 years ago
Got it! thanks,

Just a would be easy to visually compare data if more than one result-query tab(/window) could be open.

Is there a way to do that? could that be a helpful feature?

Thanks for a great software!
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Yes, you can open two HeidiSQL instances. No way to have two grids displayed at once inside one instance.
Ash501 posted 7 years ago
Thinking that this would be a nice feature to have. For me it would save me tons of time comparing multiple queries.

Can this be implemented in some future HeidiSQL update?

Not to trouble you much, it's a great software as is...

Or perhaps there is a way to do so using queries?

ansgar posted 7 years ago
I guess this is too much effort for a feature which is already usable with two Heidi instances. However, even if there was some side-by-side grid viewer, that would not be a good comparison logic. I can instead recommend doing an SQL export and then compare SQL files with Beyond Compare, which is a fantastic text comparison tool with support for various file formats, including SQL.
Ash501 posted 7 years ago
Thanks for the tips! at first didn't get the 'two instances' mentioned before it now...surprised

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