What does the bar show me?

oz8hp posted 4 years ago in General
When marking a tablename there is displayed like a smalle progressbar on the right hand side with the tablesize written on top of it - what does this progressbar show me?
I haven't been able to get any info about this anywhere so now I have to ask here.
jfalch posted 4 years ago
percentage of apc used by this table to space used by whole database ?
oz8hp posted 4 years ago
Sounds plausible
dodfr posted 4 years ago
Nope, I don't think so.

If you look each column (row count and size count) you will have one that is 100% filled by green bar and it is the biggest count/size number, other green bars have % width calculated on this biggest count/size value.

So if you have the biggest record count that is 500 on table "TB1" then it will be get full filled green bar, and if there is a 250 records in "TB2" then green bar width will be 50% as 250 is 50% of the 500 max record count.

If all count or sizes are equal then all green bars will be 100%.

Of course I can be wrong but if you look I think my explanation is correct.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
dodfr is rightsmileNever thought about that in percentages yet. I had introduced that to have a visual hint to the used disc space in a database.

Probably not known by many users: Once you have clicked/expanded all databases in your session, the top root node will show you the overall used space on your server.

You can however disable these size bars, in Tools > Preferences > Miscellaneous.
dodfr posted 4 years ago
Cool, do I win something @ansesmile?

btw : I finally received my first answer's notification in my mailbox (notifications never worked before) did you change something in the forum mail sending engine ?
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Nope, nothing changed here. Oh, I just drank two beers, but I don't think that had any effect on the mail systems :)

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