Improvement: F9 auto "Run selection" when some script selected

fengyqf posted 5 years ago in Running SQL scripts
I think this is a better way:
when some script is selected and F9 pressed, HeiliSQL execute selected script only. so F9 and Ctrl+F9 is merged. like F5 in mssql-management-studio .
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Hm, I think that would mix up things. "Run" and "Run selection" are separate actions with separate keyboard shortcuts. So I guess users get confused about what Heidi actually did when there was a selection and they pressed F9.
fengyqf posted 5 years ago
I use mssql-management-studio and the F5 key does "Run selection" when some script selected. I think it is easy to use, maybe I am used to it.
so Is it possible to add a new shortcut, whitch make the "Intelligent Run" ?
foobarjohnny posted 10 months ago

MySQL Workbench has a similar command named as "Execute All/Selection", hope HeidiSQL can add this command, so that users can transfter from Workbench to HeidiSQL easily.

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