Getting SQL Error (2003) on all SSH connections in session manager

makkynz posted 4 years ago in Creating a connection
I'm am constantly getting the "SQL Error (2003) in statement #0: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)" on all my remote SSH connections.

These wereworking before, but all of a sudden stopped working.

I can see the plink.exe settings are correct and can connect fine using plink.exe directly.

I am able to connect to the same DBs (with the same connection settings) fine using other MySQL clients like SQLyog.

Any ideas?
dlawson posted 4 years ago
I was finally able to resolve this issue by simply increasing the value of "plink.exe timeout" in the connection profiles of my Windows servers. Cygwin's OpenSSH server seems to take a bit longer to connect on these machines. A value of 10 seconds seems to work fine.
tshepom posted 3 years ago
Hi, I was also getting the same error:

SQL Error (2003) in statement #0: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061)

So the manner in which I sorted this issue out was for me to ensure that MySQL and Apache are running via my XAMPP Control Panel and this fixed the problem.

I trust that you will find this in order.

Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Tshepo Mokgoatjane.

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