Creating new Database with setting own system as host

saurabh posted 4 years ago in Creating a connection
I want to create a new database as my system is host.
Now, I am using a database but it is hosted to another system.
When I am trying to create a database it shown SQL ERROR(1045)
The main reason is, the database which is used by me is created on another system as host and now That person is not available to told us password.
Can I use another password to create my own database as my system would be host and this password will not affected the main Host database.
Since, I am new user so, i have no more Idea about this one.

Please help me, Thanks in Advance.....
ansgar posted 4 years ago
So you do not have the privilege to create databases, and there is noone else to do that, right?

Do you have access to the server, so you could stop and restart the server with the "--skip-grant-tables" parameter? If yes, you can login with any user/pass and create a user with appropriate provileges.
saurabh posted 4 years ago
Yes, I have access to server,
But I am fresher. so I am not sure about some thing
Something else......
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Does the MySQL server run on a Windows computer?

If so, do this:
* Click Start > Run, type "cmd.exe"
* Type "net stop mysql" /Enter
* Type "c:\program files\mysql\bin\mysqld --skip-grant-tables" /Enter (Be sure to use the right path)
* Log into MySQL per HeidiSQL, using any user/password
* Click Tools > User manager, and adjust your own privileges
* Log out
* Type "Ctrl+C" into the console window, to stop the mysql server
* Type "net start mysql" to start the server again in normal mode
saurabh posted 4 years ago

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