somthings realy wrong here

kerry posted 4 years ago in General
first my computer shut down when loging in
then the auto increament dont work it gives me records from
1 to 8 then any records after that start at 74
when i create a new file it tells me the file dont exist which
was not even created yet. i reinstalld the app and the sol files on
my hard drive was gone. so should i continue useing this app
not counting what may be wrong with my system now
so ii had to restore the system. so whats the next moove.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Perhaps if we could process one problem after another, I could be able to help out. But your post is quite incomplete in details about everything you describe.
kerry posted 4 years ago
I may have found the problem
see my post
which is the correct way
kalvaro posted 4 years ago
People are reporting HeidiSQL crashes all the time but it's the first time I hear of a full computer crash that leads to system restore. Was your computer running fine before you installed HeidiSQL?
kerry posted 4 years ago
everything in the app window went blank and I could not close it and exit
but now as I type this all is fine.
this happened after I did a system restore from some other thing. then after system restore is when Heidi acted up. then now is working fine
kerry posted 4 years ago
i found the problem
when i eather write into with a pre sorted copyed row in word
then write it in sql. it sorts like in data1. when it sorted it took
the record number with it and is why the record number was not sorted
from 1 to 17. insted record number 17 showed after record number 6
and messed up the

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