SQL Error (2003)in statement #0: Can't connect to MySQL server on (10060)

sinreaper posted 4 years ago in Creating a connection
Sorry for being such a technotard, but I am trying to set up Heidi to connect to a new server and I get this error.Any advice?
kalvaro posted 4 years ago
Are you sure there is a server out there?

C:\>telnet 3306
Conectándose a se puede abrir la conexión al host, en puerto 3306: Error en la conexión
hardik posted 4 years ago
can i get the solution in English please...!!smile
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Well, the point is that there does not seem to be a host on that IP. See what kalvaro writes in english, it says all.
gerpollo2000 posted 3 years ago
Check your Firewall! =)

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