mysql compattalbility

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MySQL is a completely open-source database package.
It can be modified so that it behaves the way you would like it to
thats what ratings of top 10 says
but what about the real sql. the big business sql. can it understand
mysql. i am still learning sql from mysql yes. but in mysql. will
i learn the other sql i just mentiond. is there a strict sql seting in mysql.
if i am learning mysql i want to learn the boss sql to. should i stay with
mysql or go for what i want. the problem is that sql starts at 2000 dollors.
and its not free. is mysql compattable with all sql language.
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Each RDBMS has its own dialect, so also MySQL differs from Oracle, which also differs from MSSQL and PostgreSQL and so on. That's what I am struggling with in HeidiSQL each time I put some functionality in, which requires differences in MySQL and MSSQL.

Well, you can activate ANSI SQL in MySQL, but to be honest, the differences are not so big. So I recommend to stick to MySQL, which is quite popular in the real world, one of the most used database server if not the top database overall.
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this looked like a good place to post this
i noticed that sql is a lot like basic or basica.
<>()*,.; / \ int char var varchar
and i was wondering if attribs from basic will work in sql.
like.. for i=1 to 100 next i
that would be handy to view sql data a certin number of rows
at a time. like for i = 100 to 200.
i dont see a sql function for that but i am a beginer
and just wanted to post this. or for example
if word = word then next. or if word <> word then gosub start.
can this be done.
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sql is not at all like basic. there is no for statement, no next, no gosub.

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