how to make scrolling yes/no work in windows 8

[expired user #7454]'s profile image [expired user #7454] posted 10 years ago in General Permalink
i think this may be a usefull tip for anyone that wants
to use frames. in windows 8 or 8.1
the scrooling="no" or "yes" will not
work unless there is content in a frame that
will cause it to scrooll. if a frame is empty
it does nuthing the scrolling command works
only when needed. if a frame padge is empty
the scrolling tag is null. i figure everyone
got windows 8 now and by now ran into this problem

TTSneko's profile image TTSneko posted 10 years ago Permalink
That may well be, but FRAMES have been deprecated for well over five years now and are not part of the HTML5 spec anymore ... sites using such old technology will probably not show up in all browsers or will be rendered incorrectly. Many handheld devices (pads, smartphones) and internet-capable TVs already completely ignore or block framesets.

Responsive Webdesign and using autosizing DIVs is the standard today, not only because most people do not use a desktop PC anymore. FRAMES caused more problems than they solved, hence they were dropped.

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