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kerry posted 4 years ago in General
ok. first i have to log in to the mysql or sql server
to get to heidisql.. right? what i am thinking is
heidisql is a very good client to sql.
and i wont mind paying a fee to use it if heidisql
is a server for sql like mysql or microsoft is
what if heidisql did that. what if heidisql did that
and can be accessed on the internet from any computer
so you can log in with password or other id to start the server
and use heidisql from anyplace. what do you think

jfalch posted 4 years ago
not possible at all. heidisql is a client program, what you seem to want is some sort of server; these are fundamentally different in internal construction.

if you wish for web access to a database on one of your servers, check out phpmyadmin - if on a shared server, check wether it is already installed, if using your own server, install it yourself (is not so difficult).
kerry posted 4 years ago
no that's not what I ment
I ment that if heidisql kept the way it works but changed it to a server keeping the way Heidi works
keeping the layout. its real easey to use even I learnd
sql the first day

jfalch posted 4 years ago
what exactly means "changed it to a server" ? how do you imagine it would work ?
kerry posted 4 years ago
heidisql is easey to learn. and the layout is perfect.
i am not a stranger to databases i used access some time ago
heidi should keep on with its advancments if not to be
a server then be the best client to a server. but who knows.
mysql had a start small once but then it had another name.
somthing like somthing or other db. like my db or
db somthing. why does anyone think its not possable for heidi
to become a server.

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