is this where the data is stored?

kerry posted 4 years ago in General
if you ever have to do a system restore
on your pc to a earlyer state
you loose any tables or data you had
between the earlyer state and the restore
in heidi and mysql workbench.
this tells me that data is saved in your computer registry
so how do i restore data in mysql and heidi after
the system restore. does the data go anyplace else
or only in the computer registory.

TTSneko posted 4 years ago
Try the book "Windows for Dummies", seeing that you are obviously challenged by the way Windows works. The data is NOT stored in the registry but in the corresponding data files, which YOU have to backup on a regular basis.

And with BACKUP, I mean a manual backup on to another media (external HD, thumbdrive, disk, whatever). Windows savepoints are not a 'backup', hence they are useless when it comes to a system restore as all progress since the creation of that savepoint is lost.
kerry posted 4 years ago
i am not a dummy
i learnd what i know so far from 0 of sql on my own
the replys i get show that for a fact
TTSneko posted 4 years ago
"Windows for Dummies" is an official book title; the book helps people understand how Windows works. And you seem to need it as you assume that your data is saved in the registry.

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