Stream reas error

giordano2 posted 5 years ago in Running SQL scripts
I have one sql-script (1025 rows) which I can't load into HeidiSQL. When I want to load it with Datei/SQL-Datei laden or Ctrl-o I got the following message:
"Stream read error"
All other sql-files can be loaded. The work around is coping/pasting the code into HeidiSQL. Somebody has an idea what the error meansand how I can avoid it?
jfalch posted 5 years ago
hm. looks like some low-level disk error; i suggest you run checkdisk and see if the error condition goes away.
giordano2 posted 5 years ago
I did checkdisk but problem remains.
giordano2 posted 4 years ago
At the end I found this solution: Copy sql into notepad, saved it and renamed it with extension .sql. Now it works.
giordano2 posted 3 years ago

It happens again and now I found another solution to solve this problem: The sql file was utf8. I converted it to ANSI and back again to ut8 with Notepad++. I think there origin of the problem has to do with encoding. My working editor is Emacs.

Suranga posted 2 years ago

File -> Load SQL File . After locating the .sql file, select the Encoding Method as ASCII. It will solve the problem.

giordano2 posted 2 years ago

@Suranga. Thanks. I will try at the next opportunity. I didn't yet find out when this happens and when not.

lexxi2000 posted 9 months ago

Thy for the info with the encoding it worked!!

bratlucifer posted 7 months ago

This will be providing the part fo it.

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