Support Cygwin OpenSSH

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I use Cygwin's OpenSSH, it would be great if HeidiSQL's SSH tunnel can support OpenSSH in Cygwin.

Sourcetree by Atlassian allows the possibility for using OpenSSH or Plink.
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What's the problem with the current plink based SSH tunnel feature in HeidiSQL? Doesn't it work with OpenSSH?
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Plink SSH tunnel is not the same as OpenSSH. I want to actually use the OpenSSH executable, not the Plink executable and I want to use the OpenSSH key format not Plink's key format.
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I use OpenSSH from gitbash (mingw64) under windows with rsa private keys for connect to remote linux hosts. But Heidi support only putty for tunnelling as ssh client, and Puttu support self owned keys - .ppk. And I want use existing keys in Heidi for connect to mysql servers on my hosts.

I solve this issue. Do next steps:

1. Download puttygen.exe (
2. Run it.
3. Choose "Conversions" -> "Import Key", and load your id_rsa (openSSH private key).
4. Click "Save private key", type filename as "id_rsa.ppk", for example.
5. Set in Heidi connection wizard SSH-tunnel this file as private key.
6. Connect and work =)

From Russia with love, samizdam

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