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BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios posted 4 years ago in General Permalink

Go to db/ processes. Please check column 'info'. Tooltip that poops up is OK ! Shows entire query including text "SLeeP" mentioned below Mybe not related to 'user sleep' state, just to query length ?


is that by anychance limited to 435 characters ? Complete text copy from query window & paste here, after right click/EXPLAIN QUERY:

USE `test`;
Select  distinct iso.eng_name,t.*,tta.parent_id,t11.id_tezaver_obfuscated as parent_id_tezaver_obfuscated  from tezaver t  
left join imported_data_isolanguagecode iso on t.l2 = iso.l2 left join tezaver_tree_adjacent tta on t.id_tezaver = tta.child_id left join tezaver t11 on tta.parent_id = t11.id_tezaver  and t11.l2 = 'la'  where t.id_tezaver = (select distinct id_tezaver from tezaver where term = '5380cc8ae34111e08419001cc081f832

It ends somewhere,as you can see, if I copy/paste the rest manualy again:

||SLeeP(3)&&'1' limit 1) and (t.term_group is null or t.term_group <> 'unit_converter') 
order by iso.eng_name,t.term

Hope that reasonably explained.

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