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PostgreSQL connection dissapearing?

CxOrg's profile image CxOrg posted 3 years ago in General

Firstly HeidiSQL works well under Wine on Linux and allows me to administer various MySQL, PostreSQL and occasionally MSSQL databases with various connection methods.

Recently I allowed the usual upgrade process to install an update which was to v9.3 later I discovered the connection Network type PostgereSQL had vanished. Checking an install under Windows 7 running in a VirtualBox and it was still there.

I installed the 32bit version explicitly under Wine and the PostgreSQL Network option was restored and works! This may be a Wine issue and not anything that the Heidi 64/32 installer can fix?

I'm posting this for others who use Heidi under Wine who run into this problem.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 years ago

The network types listed in the drop down box are populated using a dumb for loop. There is no check for anything, neither the existence of specific dlls, nor Wine or something else. Just a loop with an internal iterator which includes the PostgreSQL types. So, if these are not listed, I'd say you are running an old build of HeidiSQL.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 years ago

You could also update to the latest build, for testing purposes.

CxOrg's profile image CxOrg posted 3 years ago

You are right!

Using the usual update link for the latest build in the app top bar, the PostgreSQL network is still OK.

Thanks for this great app!

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