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Triple click in log window to select a line

Xenos's profile image Xenos posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink

Usually, in text fields on Windows, you can triple click to select a line (ie: in Firefox textarea, paragraphs, Word, notepad etc triple click selects the line from previous linebreak character/file start to next linebreak character/EOF).

Log window does not offer such function (instead, triple click with do a word-selection when double-click and then does a cursor position set when 3rd click occur).

It could be usefull to have such triple click to select a line (and then copy it). It is usefull for me when it comes to insert a line in testing database using "Data" tab (right click, insert row) then copy the query line and paste it in *.sql file opened in the IDE (NetBeans or sometimes notepad++).

Xenos's profile image Xenos posted 3 years ago Permalink

I re-up this feature again since I (once again!) tried to triple click in the "Alter table" field (usefull to quickly retrieve a "ADD COLUMN..." line and paste it somewhere else to be added to an existing "ALTER TABLE" query).

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