Keep table tree open when refreshing table list

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When create new tables, I often fresh the structure of all tables by pressing F5.

When the database is selected and you press F5, all the table list is collapsed and it forces you to reopen it.

It's not a big problem, but I do it dozens of time every day :D

Can something be done ?


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After trying HeidiSQL for just one day, this is one of the really annoying feature missing. If I ever get some free time, I will dive in the code to write a patch for it, but that might very well take a while before that happens.

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Yup, it would be nice if Heidi preserves all opened databases on refresh (F5).

As it requires quite a lot of additional sql commands to be executed to refresh iall opened databases it might be a new Heidi option or (better) a new connection option that can be switched ON for local/dev servers and OFF for slow/production servers.

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