Custom app name in connection string

igitur's profile image igitur posted 8 years ago in General Permalink

In dbconnection.pas, line 1836:

FAdoHandle.ConnectionString := 'Provider=SQLOLEDB;'+
      'Persist Security Info=True;'+
      'User ID='+Parameters.Username+';'+
      'Network Library='+NetLib+';'+
      'Data Source='+DataSource+';'+
      'Application Name='+AppName+';'

Would it be possible to pass AppName as a custom value, that's configurable in the connection settings? There are times I to spoof the application name. Personal reasons.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 8 years ago Permalink

No. Such issues with individual reasons should be solved individually, not globally for all users. The name of the application is set just by means of the software itself, not by personal preference. Feel free to compile HeidiSQL on your own after changing the AppName constant.

igitur's profile image igitur posted 8 years ago Permalink

OK, fair enough. Just thought I'd ask. :-/

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