Database tree view not expanding properly in 9.4 (Windows)

johnstfd posted 3 years ago in General

Hi there,

Since upgrading to (64 Bit) on windows 7, the database treeview on the left of the main window is no longer expanding databases and showing tables. I can see see tables on the Database Tab on the right, but expanding the database in the treeview does nothing.

Is this a known regression?

Thanks, Fletcher

ansgar posted 3 years ago

Can you post a screenshot please?

johnstfd posted 3 years ago

Sure thing. As you can see, the arrow is black next to the "testing" database. I would expect to see the tables listed in the Database tab on the right below the the "testing" database in the tree view. This was working prior to upgrading to 9.4

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ansgar posted 3 years ago

Probably not so visible as it should be: you have the button with the yellow star on it pressed, which limits the tree tables to those marked by you as favourites. See attachment. Just unpress it to get all tables back.

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Beyaz posted 3 years ago

Hello, Ansgar really need help of an expert like you

johnstfd posted 3 years ago

Oh, didn't even notice that button before. Thanks so much for pointing it out!

spiroc posted 1 year ago

Awesome! TY!

Sreevalli posted 3 months ago

WOW Thank youuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very much!!!!!!!!1

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