No disk bug - occurs really often

Heinz2 posted 2 years ago in General

Since some releases (9.4 base release) the 'No disk' issue occurs really often. It occurs multiple times per day (I have between 10 and 20 HeidiSQL windows open at all times)

It seems to be related to a certain time after inactivity of HeidiSQL (like one or two hours). Switching back to the window and executing a query already in one of the query tabs often results in this error.

The net result is that HeidiSQL presents the Windows error message 'no disk in the drive', and then followed by one or more Madexcept errors. The last one usually only allows to close Heidi, so you need to reopen it and re-lookup all queries entered so far.

By searching I've found the following tickets which are most likely the same issue:

  • forum.php?t=22113#p22120
  • forum.php?t=20224#p20230
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Heinz2 posted 2 years ago

And two more Madexcept errors occurred directly thereafter

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Heinz2 posted 2 years ago

I've downgraded to 9.3, it's simply too buggy to work with. It seems that also in case stored procedures return a lot of resultsets (100+ or so) the same error appears.

For what I remember this bug was new somewhere in 9.4.

Heinz2 posted 1 year ago

I'm wondering if this issue been resolved. I really like HeidiSQL and would like to use the newest version, but I'm still using 9.3 due to this problem.

This issue is also reported in this thread: /forum.php?t=20224 This user seems to relate it to a period of no activity (idle phase). I also leave a lot of Heidi instances open at the end of the day. So it could be a lead.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

The crash reports all have the same cause, and this crash path is reported in the tracker already.

That "no disk" issue is most probably unrelated, as the other users in that ticket did not get such an error (at least what they reported). Is it possible that you're on Linux/Wine, and that device is somehow unstable?

Heinz2 posted 1 year ago

Thanks for looking into it.

No I'm using Windows 7 x64. The device is 100% stable.

In case you're in the process of fixing the bug and need some tests on the new version then please let me know, I'll try the new version and will provide feedback.

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