Escaping Backslash Causes Color Highlight Reversal

Marrack posted 8 months ago in General

I'm using Heidi and connecting to a MySQL database. In a stored procedure if I need to escape a backslash, everything works find, but everything in the stored procedure following this scenario changes color I've attached a screen shot to show an example of what is occurring. The first portion displays correctly, while the second portion is displaying as though the quote was never closed. both portions execute without any problems, it is simply a display issue. Is there a way to keep the colors consistent throughout the entire stored procedure after escaping the backslash? On a small stored procedure this is minor but it occurs for me right at the top of a 300 line stored procedure which makes it hard to quickly see syntax issues.

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ansgar posted 8 months ago

Can confirm that. But please watch out for a bug report on the SynEdit tracker, and open a new one if there is no matching one yet.

Marrack posted 8 months ago

Thanks Ansgar. I have posted the issue on the SynEdit tracker.

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