Request: "Drop all tables" command?

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I love HeidiSQL and use it virtually every day. I also use Laravel a lot. And I love Laravel too. However, Laravel is not very robust when it comes to handling errors during migration (automatic creation of tables) so if an error occurs, which happens frequently when you are setting up a new development box or testing changes to your Laravel migrations, you typically end up with a bunch of created tables that you need to delete again, to be able to retry the Laravel "artisan migrate:refresh" command.

Therefore, I'd like to request that the following feature be added to HeidiSQL:

If you right-click a database, there should be a "Drop tables" command. Or, it could be an additional tab in the "Table tools" window.

I basically need to delete all/many tables quickly. Right now I have to delete one table at a time, and in a large project with, say, 35+ tables, this does take a while and feels very tedious :-)

Cheers, Archfrog

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There is already Ctrl+A on the database tab, then a rightclick plus click on "Delete" should get you there.

I think deleting all tables with one click can be dangerous, and should not be made even easier than it is now.

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No, that's fine! That's all I needed, thanks.

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where is that? @ansgar I only can drop 1 by 1..

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  1. You select the database you need to change on the left side.
  2. Then you get a window, in the right side, that lists all the tables in the database.
  3. Then you hit Ctrl-A to select all tables.
  4. Then you right-click and select "Drop...".

That should get you going :-) Hope it works for you!

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