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EiskalterKing posted 1 year ago in Creating a connection

Hey Guys, After moving to a new city, I use a new network. Since then I get the error: 'can not connect to MySQL server on (10061)'. The MYSQL service will not start either. (Error 1067: The process quits unexpectedly.) I use a static IP address and DNS server. What can I do to fix this problem?

I use HeidiSQL for the game 'Life is Feudal your own' (Server). I have spent a lot of time in the game and do not want to start again. I hope anyone can help me. Thank you very much.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

The MySQL service has to be started at first. If the service is not running, HeidiSQL is surely not able to connect to it.

You should find out why you get this "unexpectedly" error. The log file in your MySQL data folder is probably helpful here.

By the way, the local IP address is in nearly all cases, not

EiskalterKing posted 1 year ago

Thanks for your answer. On the screenshot you can see all files in my mysql folder. I don't know about this topic, so I don't know which file I have to check.

I know that the local IP is in nearly all cases, but works fine in the past. If it helps I can change. But first of all I have to start the MySQL service.

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ansgar posted 1 year ago

Your screenshots are from the data/mysql folder. I meant the data folder. And you should watch out for some *.err file - which is a text file you can open with notepad. In that file you should scroll down to the end and you will most likely find some cause to the non-starting server.

EiskalterKing posted 1 year ago

Ok ther is just the 'PaulatronPC' ERR-File. Here's a screenshot from the entire content of this file.

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ansgar posted 1 year ago

Looks like you did not yet try to start the MySQL service.

Do that by starting "cmd" with administrator privileges, then type "net start mysql".

EiskalterKing posted 1 year ago

I get the same error message as I get them all the time when I try to start the service:

MySQL could not be started. A system error has occurred. System error 1067 has occurred. The process quite unexpectedly.

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EiskalterKing posted 1 year ago

I found a second ERR-File:

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ansgar posted 1 year ago

Please just read your log files.

They say the "host" file (table) in the "mysql" folder (database) is missing. Probably it's broken to some harddisk crash, or you deleted it or whatever. You should use the original data folder from the installation, then import your old data.

EiskalterKing posted 1 year ago

I do not know how the date has crashed. I have not changed anything on the folders. I just moved. :( I think I can not solve it without a reinstall. Is there a way to back up the database without being able to log in to HeidiSQL? Otherwise, I lose my entire score. Thanks for your help ansgar.

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