Too low fields for filtering database & tables - windows 10 , dell XPS 13"

Kcko posted 11 months ago in General


see screenshots how are filtering fields very low and fonts is bad readable.

WIN 10, Dell XPS 13".

Is there any idea how to correct it?

Kcko posted 9 months ago

No reply?

ansgar posted 9 months ago

You are running Windows with a higher DPI setting, which HeidiSQL cannot handle correctly. This is quite an issue now with the many 4k screens. Unfortunately nothing I tried gave me good results, so I cannot tell you more.

Kcko posted 5 months ago

@ansgar: After today update I see filtering field correctly! :-) See screenshot:

Thx for your great work , HeidiSql is one of the few things which i cant migrate to MAC (MACOSX). (Cant live without HeidiSQL).

One thing to improve: (Top pane with icons should be in retina or how to named it, resolution this pane is not in high DPI)

ansgar posted 5 months ago

Yes, I spend a lot of work on supporting high DPI settings recently.

Do you mean the button icons which don't have a fitting resolution? Yes, that's true. I don't have all the icons in a better resolution, and so I am upscaling these with a smooth PNG resize logic.

Kcko posted 5 months ago

Yeah, I appreciate it of course.

Yes, Im mean all buttons of top pane. Are we limited by this set of icons? You can download some new iconset and implement and offer at choice to all users of HeidiSQL. There are a lot of free icons in HIGH DPI (= Retina @3x). This can help to solve problem, canĀ“t it?

ansgar posted 5 months ago

I don't know which icon sets you mean - you could post one or two URLs with these. But note that these have to be provided via compatible license for free use in OpenSource software. And they have to contain fitting icons for the buttons/actions in HeidiSQL.

Kcko posted 5 months ago

For clarify the situation:

We are looking for some free iconset (SVG type)? Fitting icons will be done by using SVG icons (SVG = scalable format without loosing quality).

Give me a further information and I will look for some cool iconset :-)

larkob posted 5 months ago

Hi, I have the very same problem as the original poster after updating to on my high DPI laptop. It was working fine with the older version I had installed. The bottom status bar is also only half the size it should be. Any chance this can be fixed?

ansgar posted 5 months ago

@larkob: Real issues with the new high DPI support in HeidiSQL must be reported in the tracker.

@Kcko: The icons in HeidiSQL are imported from png files. bmp and ico are also supported but not SVG.

Kcko posted 5 months ago

@ansgar Ok, roger that. is there exists some restriction in HeidiSQL against standard responsive web page? Standard resonsive web page use SVG or PNG (3x bigger than what you really see - the reason is 2-3x bigger DPI).

Will heidi be able to work like too? Example: some icon file in 64x64 or 128x128 (Heidi SQL shrinks to 16 or 24px itself). Is possible to do that?

ansgar posted 5 months ago

No, HeidiSQL is built with Delphi, and icons are located in a TImageList, which do not auto-shrink in a way webpages do that.

Kcko posted 3 months ago

@ansgar: New update = Awesome iconset which finally looks good on my XPS 13" studio! Great job! Is there any chance how to use HeidiSQL under MacOSX? (I want to buy MacBook in the future and I dont want to live and work without HEIDI!)

Heidi is in my group "TOP applications" without whom dont want to migrace from WIN to MAC.

Thx for answer!

ansgar posted 3 months ago

On MacOS, there should be Wine which works mostly fine with HeidiSQL.

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