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I need your help to see which settings to import a csv file into a heidisql database I am configuring incorrectly. I have followed the same settings showed in the attachments in other occasions to import into the same database with no errors, but now I am getting them.

Could you help me please?

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Looks like your csv file has commas as field separators, no enclosing character, and linefeeds for row terminators (either \r\n or \n). So far so good - the dialog screnshot shows the correct settings.

Is it MySQL/MariaDB or MSSQL, PostgreSQL?

Is the file really accessible by HeidiSQL? You could test by copying the file to your local hard drive and import it from there. (Quite unlikely that this will help - you would have gotten some file related error message in that case)

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I think you need to investigate the csv file for real EOL characters and check the command Heidi issues (could be found in query log at the bottom).

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