UNHEX Function not Working in 9.5

yogeshmkumbhar posted 7 months ago in Running SQL scripts

I have using HeidiSQL ver 9.50.5196 and 9.4 on 9.5 version UNHEX() Function is not working. It does not shows proper output. But on 9.4 It Shows correctly. eg. SELECT HEX('A'), UNHEX('41') UNHEX('41') Should return 'A' but it Shows 0x41;

please do the needful.

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ansgar posted 7 months ago

UNHEX returns values along with a binary collation, which HeidiSQL by default displays in hexadecimal format. You can activate "Show binary data as text" button to prevent that.

yogeshmkumbhar posted 6 months ago

Thank You for your response

Work Done

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