Auto uppercase can be inconvenient

muzza4 posted 5 months ago in General

Hi Anse

About 13 years ago we made a decision to call a table of financial movements "transaction".

Now that HSQL automatically changes transaction to TRANSACTION it's become pretty inconvenient when writing a query since when in uppercase the query doesn't work (it clain table TRANSACTION does not exist).

Any chance that you could allow users to specify a list of words not to change to uppercase?

Cheers Muzza

ansgar posted 5 months ago

If that's a table in the current database, Heidi already knows these and should not uppercase them. I suppose there are some things to tweak here.

ansgar posted 5 months ago

You could post that here:

Misha v.3 posted 5 months ago

I'm confirming the issue. I just created table named 'transaction', refreshed tree (F5), opened Query and typed 'select from transaction'. Got 'SELECT FROM TRANSACTION'

muzza4 posted 5 months ago


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